Forensic Analysis


National Academy of Forensic Engineers

Integrated Consultants, Inc. supports the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, who offer our services to the Federal Courts for independent scientific and engineering analysis and process reconstruction. Our services have also been useful for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, small and large businesses.

Industrial Freezer Building

The industrial freezer building, shown above, utilizes a sub-floor heating system in order to eliminate frost heaving. The system experienced start-up period failure. We analyzed the viability of the sub-floor heating arrangement with a finite temperature computer model within an adiabatic domain.


A real time temperature model was developed from applying the summation equations on a defined domain shown.


Variables such as soil moisture and heating fluid temperature were plotted vs. distance from source to geometric center. Resulting in comparative specific two dimensional plots at specific conditions, and composite domain results.


Computer-generated real-time temperature profiles were obtained by end point temperatures and a finite temperature model. This information was entered as original legal data.

Integrated Consultants, Inc. specializes in unique technical processes and forensic engineering services to Government and Industry. Our technical breadth is applied in the illustration design and analysis of the 911 Case Study Flight 77 parametric model video. One of our staff design engineer animators prepared the illustration to highlight the resolution of fact that can be brought to a forensic analysis within a SolidWORKS medium. Then utilizing multiple finite element analysis techniques apply Newtonian Physics based forces to virtual solids and record the scientific results in a sequential video format.

Surveillance and or random candid photos of individual specific detail of a chain of events can fuel incorrect hypothesis of the entire incident, especially when counterintuitive evidence remains. Results are counterintuitive when controlling factors of large scale events are not considered.

The horrific images shown in virtual form is an unvarnished depiction of plausible fact applied to the forensic evidence of the terrorism brought upon the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

View a presentation of our September, 11th Case Study: Flight 77.

September, 11th Case Study: Flight 77

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ICI Technical Capabilities Featured on CNN.

ICI Technical Capabilities Featured on CNN

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Recent projects demonstrating Forensics…

SPAWAR System Center Pacific

MEMS Accelerometer Control Board

SSC-Pacific’s MEMS accelerometer uses a novel electro-optical method of measuring acceleration, resulting in higher sensitivity and lower noise.

ICI developed an electronic control board to operate the accelerometer. The board first characterizes the unit, then, during operation, it runs the device and interprets the output. An on board FPGA allows dynamic configuration changes to the MEMS output interpretation. Custom mechanical mounting of the MEMS device assures signal integrity. A precision mounting plate assures rigidity and accurate axis references.

MEMS Accelerometer Control Board

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