SeaPort Enhanced Multiple Award Contract

Quality Assurance Plan

1.0 Background
Integrated Consultants, Inc. (ICI) has entered a DoD Mentor-Protégé program with ARINC Engineering services LLC, to mature ICI into a preferred supplier of electronic components, systems and services. ARINC plans to continue mentoring ICI, focusing on technology transfer (science, cryogenics, avionics, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, program management (including International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 processes), financial management, and contractual management to build ICI’s business infrastructure and emerge as a competitive, best-value solution for the government. ARINC is utilizing it’s mature infrastructure systems to develop similar characteristics within ICI, including the Quality Assurance Plan.
ARINC’s Quality Policy is to provide engineering excellence and customer satisfaction in all our products and services. Our ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management System (QMS) assures quality product and service delivery through quality control of measurable product characteristics and reliable resolution of product discrepancies.

1.1 Integrated Consultants, Inc. Quality Management System
The ICI QMS is derived from the ARINC QMS as a comprehensive collection of business processes that directly address ISO 9001:2000 requirements. The QMS focuses on the prevention of product discrepancies through the application of a consistent, proven approach to all product development. The QMS processes specifically address process control, in-process inspections for hardware, inspection status for hardware, control and disposition of nonconforming hardware, and statistical quality control techniques. These specific processes are continually monitored for improvement using internal audit, correction, prevention, and improvement processes within the QMS. ARINC continually improves the effectiveness of the ICI QMS by internal audits, analysis, corrective / preventive actions, management reviews, and customer feedback. ARINC is committed to continuously improving our quality procedures by identifying, documenting, and implementing best practices, and transferring that ability to ICI.

1.1.1 Quality Assurance Processes
We maximize product quality through compliance with our QMS. Our QMS directs ISO 9001:2000 training for every employee that is specific to their discipline, defines procedures for all our business and engineering processes, provides for program-independent review of products before delivery, provides for customer review of our quality performance, and provides process improvement feedback. Technical Design Reviews: ARINC/ ICI plans and controls the design and development of products by performing reviews at defined levels of design maturity. Our design and development review process ensures all inputs related to product requirements adequately describe design requirements. Ambiguous requirements are identified in the initial project review and resolved with the appropriate parties before design proceeds. The output from appropriate stages of design are documented by drawings, analysis reports, studies, software, or other documentation that enable verification during design follow-on review activities. Written Product Reviews: We control the release of written products through independent formal reviews. Our review process is tailored to suit the nature of each product and is detailed in the PMP. Once a document has been submitted and approved through the level of review required by the PMP, it is released to the customer.

1.1.2 Quality Control Processes
The Integrated Consultants, Inc. maintains processes for identifying inspection and test status of products and procedures that determine what measurement devices are needed to inspect and test these products. By complying with our QMS procedures, we produce quality products in a timely manner. Inspection, Measurement, & Test: As items are received or fabricated, ICI follows documented processes for identifying the inspection and test status of each product. The status is identified to indicate product conformance or nonconformance with respect to measurement requirements. Each monitoring or measurement stage is endorsed by authorized personnel and recorded. Where traceability is a specified requirement, individual products are uniquely identified and recorded. Control of Measurement Equipment: ICI maintains procedures that define the control and calibration of measuring devices and their measurement environments. All measuring devices are used in a manner that ensures that the measurement uncertainty is known and is consistent with the required measurement capability. If a measurement device is discovered to be out-of-tolerance during routine calibration, an assessment of previous inspections made by the device is performed. A review is conducted to determine whether such discrepancy may have affected the product or accuracy of data supplied to the customer and appropriate action is taken. Calibration and verification records are maintained as required by the QMS. Discrepancy Resolution & Reporting: Integrated Consultants, Inc. maintains procedures for the identification and control of nonconforming products to ensure that such products are prevented from unintended use or delivery. Nonconforming products are identified, segregated, and documented. Nonconforming products are reviewed and dispositioned in accordance with documented procedures. Records of nonconformities and any subsequent actions taken, including concessions obtained, are maintained. When nonconforming products are corrected, they are subject to re-verification to demonstrate conformity to the requirements. When nonconforming products are detected after delivery or after use has started, action is taken to notify our customer that is appropriate to the effects, or potential effects, of the discrepancy.

1.1.3 Oversight of Quality Control Processes
Oversight of the Integrated Consultants, Inc. Quality Processes is done on an on-going schedule that increases in detail as the depth of program matures. Shipment Inspection, & Measurement: The ICI process for items shipped has had complete document inclusion for government owned or processed components. The processes for shipment inspection and documentation requirements for each product shipped. Each monitoring or measurement stage is endorsed by authorized personnel and recorded. Where traceability is a specified requirement, individual products are accompanied by identifiable certificates that are noted on the component product shipped. The certificates of compliance are listed on a bill of material that accompany the component documentation package.