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ICI Autonomous Interoperability demonstration with Distrix software

ICI and Spark Integration Technologies

We at ICI - Integrated Consultants, Inc. are pleased to release this interoperability demonstration video. Click on the image to the right to watch the video.

ICI developed the electronic hardware and test infrastructure. Interoperability is made possible using the Distrix software suite from Spark Integration Technologies to allow disparate robotic hardware devices, sensors and other components to communicate seamlessly.

The video displays the result of a collaboration of technical disciplines across the gambit of high technology and demonstrates true autonomous interoperability.

ICI Autonomous Interoperability demonstration with Distrix software.

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Spark Integration

Create Demonstration Robot

ICI's Create Robot is a flexible demonstration vehicle designed to showcase Spark Integration's DIOS communications software.

The robot's strong central skeleton allows quick access to all components for fast setup and configuration.

The robot integrates many existing off the shelf components into one mobile platform.

Create Demonstration Robot

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Spark Integration

Hardware Interface Module (HIM) and Universal Connector Panel (UCP)

ICI's HIM and UCP connects any electronic device to the DIOS (Distributed Integration Operating Schema) network.

The DIOS network, developed by Spark Integration, is a small footprint, low overhead, distributed software platform for data communication.

Each HIM contains a configurable I/O board set to adapt to the communications needs of the specific electronics device to be put on the network.


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