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Cubic Applications Engineering

Gates Lock

Cubic's GATES lock is an electronically controlled padlock for intermodal shipping containers.

The armored case discourages brute force attacks.

Electronics monitor the lock's current state to detect and log physical attacks.

ICI's innovative hydraulic locking mechanism allows the lock to cinch up tight against the container bars and resist attempts to force the lock open yet uses little electrical power to operate and is cost effective to manufacture.

Gates Lock

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Spark Integration

Hardware Interface Module (HIM) and Universal Connector Panel (UCP)

ICI's HIM and UCP connects any electronic device to the DIOS (Distributed Integration Operating Schema) network.

The DIOS network, developed by Spark Integration, is a small footprint, low overhead, distributed software platform for data communication.

Each HIM contains a configurable I/O board set to adapt to the communications needs of the specific electronics device to be put on the network.


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